A collection of events, gatherings, and ideas for the social intellectual.


Minneapolis.  A magical land filled with bikes, beer, and art.   On any given day, a web search and two quick clicks can bring you to a rock concert, freshly tapped microbrewery, or art exhibit.  Clearly, Minneapolis provides an easily packed social calendar at your fingertips.  

Yet, web searches do not readily return nearly as many results for “Public Astronomy Lecture MN” as it does, “brew pubs Minneapolis.”  Do not dismay for these events do exist and there is a growing audience for them.  In the past, a super-sleuth could find a few brain pumping events at the renowned Science Museum of Minnesota or a rare public lecture held at a local university.  Now, however, one relatively comprehensive calendar can lead you to the intellectual events you crave.  

Need more information before you purchase that ticket or search for parking?  Scan through the blog posts that accompany the calendar for more information about the events, locations, and what to expect.