Social Science: Superhero Science

Deadpool as a scientist studying regeneration...

Ah the familiar smell of the Science Museum of Minnesota parking garage elevator. A welcoming metallic smell.  Stainless steel.  A smell that would delight Magneto himself.  Fitting since we're joined by Storm and a female Wolverine.  This magical but otherwise totally normal elevator brings us to the science museum social science event where the lobby is filled with Supermans*, Spidermans, Batmans, the Joker and more for Superhero Science!

Professor James Kakalios and The Physics of Superheroes


Professor James Kakalios hilariously presented “The Physics of Superheroes” based on his book of the same title.  As a consultant and science advisor for leading Marvel movies, this University of Minnesota Professor is a wealth of knowledge regarding all things superheroes.  And villains.  And physics.  Attendees learned how, despite the impossibility of superspeed, The Flash could logically stop a speeding bullet.  As well as some ground rules for proper use of electricity when fighting a super villain.  And how to properly navigate powerlines while carrying a thug to safety.  The audience leaned in while some took avid notes.  The streets of St. Paul will no longer fear the night with these superheros on guard!

A curious Spiderman contemplates upgrading his spidey-suit.

As patrons milled about the museum, adjusting their various forms of spandex, volunteers demonstrated several modes of superhero science including a popular stop featuring the science and utilization of non-newtonian fluids.  

A spontaneous dance off between Superman and Batman broke out. Seeing their comrade in trouble, two more Supermans joined in along with The Joker and Deadpool.  Spiderman shut it down with some serious sick moves.  According to my limited research, wearing a mask greatly increases your dance skills.  Noted and underlined.

Featuring the Midwest Comic Book Association

Finally, the evening culminated in a knowledge based battle royale presented by Trivia Mafia.  This sometimes scholar fared far better than they thought possible but alas, the prize went to a near perfect score!  

Superheroes and villains poured out of the museum in various levels of unmasking ready to return to civilian life -- until the next time they are called to don their inspired garb once more!  The image of a comic book appears. Pages flip to close.  Credits.

Next up on the Social Science dance card is Undead Rising on Thursday, October 1st from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m.  Advanced reservations are strongly encouraged.

*Through much thought and deliberation, it is my professional opinion that Supermans is the appropriate plural form of Superman due to it being the name of a person and therefore a proper noun.  If the word simply described a man with superpowers then yes, I would instead use “supermen” while also not capitalizing the “s” as it is now not a proper noun.  Feel free to tell me why I am entirely wrong in the comments!  "There is a right and a wrong in the universe and that distinction is not hard to make." -- Superman.

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