Ongoing Exhibits

Bodies and Spirits: Health and the History of Fermentation and Distillation:  

Why have some doctors recommended giving babies wine? Why did hops originally become a popular addition to beer? How did alcoholic beverages, once considered food and medical items, become symbols of dangerous behavior? Learn more at our exhibit on fermentation, distillation and medicine throughout history.

The exhibit will showcase over 400 years of medical, scientific, and recipe books from the library’s collection, including records of 16th century women distilling alcohol for medicines at home, 19th century microscopic investigations of the science of fermentation, and 20th century medical and social debates about alcohol.

By tapping into the intriguing history of fermenting and distilling, the exhibit will spark discussions in the broader Twin Cities community around the role of alcohol in health and society. 

When: September 14, 2015 through May 31, 2016
Where: Wangensteen Historical Library, 568 Diehl Hall (directions and parking)
Hours: Open during regular library hours.