Café Scientifique: A brief introduction

Café Scientifique was our introduction to the world of available and accessible science related events in the Minneapolis area.  Happily, this event indicated there were more of us out there and they too enjoyed beer and learning.   

Held every third Tuesday from September to May, the Bell Museum hosts a casual event at the Bryant Lake Bowl where intellectuals can eat, drink, and learn about a variety of topics presented by experts in their field.

Founded in 1872, the Bell Museum is located on the University of Minnesota’s campus.  While the cafés take place at the Bryant Lake Bowl, the museum’s connection to the University of Minnesota helps generate a diverse and informed schedule of presentations.  Past events range from,”Galaxy Formation and the Reionization of the Universe” to “The Power of Poisons, feat. the Honey Badger,” and “Animal Games: Blue Jays and the ‘Prisoner's Dilemma.’”

Appropriate for intellectuals of all levels, from casual dabbler to smoke-jacket-scholar with brandy in your hand, this event is casual, fun, and informative.  If you miss a topic that greatly interests you, The Bell Museum also publishes the cafés as podcasts on itunes.

For more information about the cafés and the Bell Museum, visit their website.  For tickets (and really, you should buy tickets), you can purchase them on the Bryant Lake Bowl website.  Events will be added to the social calendar as they become available.

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