Social Science: Fermentational Informational

10 local breweries. After Dark.  At the museum.  No.  Kids.

With that magical combination, this event was bound to sell out well before the doors opened.

Were the lines long? Of course they were.  Did I mind?  No.  Free beer!  The lines moved swiftly enough.  Additionally, for anyone attending for both the science and beer, there was plenty to view along the way.  

Bubbles hover in a container of dry ice!

The organizers wisely placed a Science Live performance near three of the busiest tasting booths.  While waiting for a taste of the nectar of the gods, attendees learned about the history of fermentation from the incomparably entertaining, Michael Richie, a Science Live veteran actor.  Other lines allowed patrons to play, discover, and learn as they wound through the museum’s established exhibits.

TapeScape open for adults too!

When not waiting for that sweet sweet taste of hops, attendees explored the Museum’s many attractions including mind-bending science demonstrations and the limited installation, TapeScape.  Running through May 10th, TapeScape is comprised of a few structures made completely out of plastic wrap and packaging tape stretched over steel frames.  I cautiously removed my footwear, inched towards the wonder of engineering while waiting for someone to scold me for throwing my adult weight onto the structure.  But no, it was made for us too!  All visitors are welcome to climb and explore the main structure and giggle at the experience.

With an additional fee, fermentation enthusiasts could explore the Museum’s popular exhibit,  Space: An Out-Of-Gravity Experience without tiny humans running around their legs.  Hooray for adult activities!  

*            *            *

Next up on the Social Science dance card is Bike Night on Thursday, June 4, 6-11 p.m.  From the website: “Pedal your way to the museum this Social Science, and get those mental gears turning. From the nanoscience behind lightweight bike frames to the physics that propels you forward, we'll be digging in deep with the science of cycling. This event and activities are for bike-minded people: whether you're an expert cyclist or you're just bike-curious, Bike Night is the place to be!”

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